Dell’s massive Canvas display for artists is available for $1,800


    Unlike the Surface Studio, the Dell Canvas doesn’t even come with a computer attached — it is simply a display with a quad-HD (2,560 x 1,440) resolution that lays horizontally on your desk. It’s got some big bezels, but Dell says that’s intentional. They received feedback from artists who said they preferred big bezels to rest their palms on while drawing. The Canvas also comes with a digital pen as well as the “totem,” a circular dial meant to be placed on the screen that was clearly inspired by Microsoft’s own Surface Dial.

    So while the Canvas doesn’t have the same extreme screen resolution as the Surface Studio and also doesn’t include the PC you’ll need to run it, it’s worth noting that it’s a full $1,200 less than the Studio. If you already have a PC that works for you, this could be a solid way for artists to get an immersive digital drawing tool on their desk.

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